If Seoul is a verb, what the hell does it mean?

If Seoul is a verb, what the hell does it mean? Seoul, and Korea overall, has an English slogan problem. From ‘Active Yangsan’ to ‘Do Dream Dongducheon’, Korean cities have a decidedly stellar… Continue reading

Korean Expat Facebook Bingo!

I usually write about more serious things in this country, but we all need a break from taking ourselves too seriously. Writing about various things in this country involves me being in FB… Continue reading

Kakao backtalk, and other Daum ideas.

The South Korean Government v. pretty much everyone they’re ‘representing’.

How one bar in Korea tried to prevent Ebola by banning ‘Africans’

Let’s say you own a bar (and one might be for sale, before long) -in the middle of the most diverse area in Korea- embroiled in an uproar over racist and ignorant signs strewn across the door…

(Re:)Educating Korean children about race

Who is really behind the race based hiring policies in the ESL industry?

7 Essential Tips for New ESL Expats

Some helpful tips for new ESL teachers to blend in with the (below) average expat.

Korean cult’s Mannam gets a facelift as IPYG: Why you should know.

Amidst the thunderous applause of the Mannam people, they proudly announced that ‘the title of honorary chairman was to be given to Lee Man Hee!’
Yeah, cool. Good for that guy.


4 Things in Korea that North America would most certainly ruin

4 things people back home would definitely ruin within 24 hours.

Go F___ yourself in Busan! Guide to Busan in 2 days!

  This is a continuation of my previous post, Go find yourself in Busan in a day!  Please check there for a good first day itinerary. So, you’ve either got another day here, or… Continue reading

Go F____ yourself guide to Busan in a day!

I’m a former Busan native, and here is a (heavily abbreviated) one day guide to Busan)